Flood Damage Repair Specialists Serving Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Water Damage Restoration
Salt Lake City Water Damage Restoration
June 20, 2018
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Mold Contamination in Homes and Office Buildings
July 2, 2018

Flood Damage Repair Specialists Serving Salt Lake City and Surrounding Communities

Heavy snowfall, torrential rainfall and flash flooding are responsible for extensive damage to homes and businesses in and around Salt Lake City each year. When excessive moisture enters and floods a structure, it frequently leads to significant damage to both the interior walls as well as the foundation. If left untreated, this standing water can cause extensive damage or structural failure.

Available 24/7 to Address Flooding Damage Repair in and Around Salt Lake City

Fortunately, the flood damage repair professionals at Beehive Disaster Cleanup are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to rapidly restore commercial and residential properties. Our fully trained, certified and insured crews have over 25 years of experience in disaster management, cleanup and restoration. We believe in offering exceptional, superior quality service to every client.

Contact Our Team Right Away to Prevent Further Damage to Your Home or Business

If you experience flooding in your home or business, you need to act immediately. The longer the water sits, the chances for extensive further damage and mold growth increases exponentially. When you call the Beehive Disaster Cleanup team, expect us to arrive on-site within an hour of your call to begin the damage mitigation and repair process including the following steps:

● Fully secure your home or business and evaluate the extent of the flooding damage.
● Locate the source of the flooding (leaking internal plumbing, backed up sewers, external weather-related flooding and more)
● Working with you to determine the best course of action to address the damage.
● Immediately extract the water to prevent further damage.
● Apply mold and mildew prevention measures to affected areas.
● Dehumidify the structure to speed up the drying process.
● Utilize sophisticated cleaning processes to disinfect your household items.
● Rebuild all damaged areas of your home or business.

Call Our Certified Flood Disaster Management Team Today

The Beehive Disaster Cleanup team is honored to have the opportunity to provide our cost-effective flood damage repair and restoration services to our valuable clients. We can handle the full range of jobs from routine maintenance to after-hours emergency calls. Residents in and around Salt Lake City including clients in Provo, Ogden and Park City, please reach our friendly technicians right away by calling 801-997-9930. Our skilled professionals are standing by to work around the clock to get your life back on track today.

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