Water Damage Salt Lake City

The water damage recovery professionals at Beehive Disaster Cleanup are standing by to assist Utah commercial and residential customers with rapid repairs. We specialize in addressing the full spectrum of water damage resulting from flooding, water leaks, sewer problems and more.


Learn More About How We Can Fully Restore Your Water Damaged Property

Utah residents trust the disaster recovery experts at Beehive Disaster Cleanup because we are the most experienced large-scale team of recovery experts in the state. When you reach our friendly staff, you can rest assured that we can rapidly restore your home or business to help get your life back on track. Here is what you can expect from our team:

• Secure the area;

We immediately jump into action by evaluating the full scope of the damage to the affected areas of your home or business. Then we locate the initial source of the water damage and layout multiple repair options for your consideration.

• Extract water;

After you choose the optimal course of action, we will start the process to remove water from the affected areas to prevent moisture from spreading. Our technicians will also conduct a full inspection to look for other damaged areas including insulation, tile, drywall and more.

• Prevention of mold and mildew;

The next critical step in the process involves the application of an EPA-certified treatment to moisture-damaged areas to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Additionally, this treatment will cut down on odors and keep the flooded area safe for both pets and children. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to prevent both mold accumulation and structural damage.

• Dehumidification;

Our team will then place dehumidifiers in strategic locations to help speed up the evaporation process. We will then monitor the level of moisture in the air and make adjustments as needed. Our ultimate goal is to speed up the drying process to keep mold and mildew from accumulating.

• Cleaning personal property;

We understand that your private property is essential to you.. That is why we go to extra lengths and employ sophisticated cleansing techniques to disinfect and eliminate bacteria from all of your household items.

• Reconstruction;

After we address the full range of moisture damage, we can begin the process of rebuilding your floors, woodwork, ceilings and more.


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