Storm Damage Mitigation and Restoration

Utah is not immune to severe weather. From high winds to torrential downpours and heavy snowfall, residents of this great state know that Mother Nature can unleash her fury at any time. Our team of professional restoration experts at Beehive Disaster Cleanup has 40 years of experience helping Utah residents rebuild residential and commercial properties following storm damage. We provide exceptional customer service and leverage our extensive knowledge to assist with the following types of storm-related damage:


How to Get Started with Storm Damage Mitigation and Restoration

After a storm damages your home or business, it is vital that you contact our team as soon as possible. The earlier we are able to get onsite and assess the extent of the damage, the better chance we will have to prevent the accumulation of mold and prevent further damage to your structure. We offer a no-fee initial assessment and will provide you with exceptional customer service and communication during each phase of the process. Let us show you the full range of available repair options to help get you back on track.

Snow | Flooding | Strong Wind | Torrential rain and hail | Mudslides | Lightning

Additionally, our team is well versed in working alongside your insurance company to make all necessary arrangements to get your restoration job started.

Prevent Mold Exposure After Suffering Storm Damage

One of the primary concerns our clients have after experiencing storm damage to a home or business is the likelihood of mold growth. Mold is extremely hazardous to your health and should be addressed immediately if located. Our mold mitigation specialists at Beehive Disaster Cleanup utilize advanced techniques to remove mold in structures that have sustained storm damage. Mold can cause symptoms in your family members similar to what they would experience with seasonal allergies. This includes sinus congestion, cough, throat irritation and more.

Advanced Equipment to Remove Mold From Your Home

In order to help prevent the accumulation of mold and bacteria in your home after storm damage, we will use:

• Air movers: Through the use of air movers, we can help accelerate the process of evaporation and attempt to get as much moisture and wet material out of the structure as possible.

• Dehumidifiers: We can use this piece of equipment to pull moisture from the air and get it out of your home by draining it into your sink or toilet.


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