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Privacy Policy for Beehive Disaster Cleanup

Beehive Disaster Cleanup strongly believes in providing full transparency related to the use and protection of users’ “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) online. U.S. information and privacy laws describe PII as information which, used on its own, or combined with other data, can be used to contact, locate or identify a single individual, or to single out an individual in context. We urge users to carefully read our privacy policy to attain a full understanding of how our team collects, utilizes and safeguards your PII per our website’s User Agreement. Please see the following questions and answers for additional information.

What type of PII does Beehive Disaster Cleanup collect when visitors access your website, blog or application?

As a user, when you place an order or register on our website, we may ask for information including:

  • Your name
  • An email address where we can contact you
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your phone number
  • Any other details which may enhance your user experience

When do you collect PII?

Our team collects PII data when users:

  • Complete initial registration
  • Place an order with our team
  • Fill out an online contact form
  • Enter information into our website such as registration for our newsletter

How do you use my information?

When you register for an account on our website, purchase a service, register for our newsletter, complete an online survey, browse our site, we use your information to help:

  • Personalize your user experience and permit us to tailor the products and content we show you to suit your unique interests
  • Rapidly process your transactions

How does your team help protect my information?

At Beehive Disaster Cleanup, we take extraordinary precautions to help protect your PII. We routinely conduct malware and vulnerability scans of our networks to help locate and mitigate potential security breaches. This process helps make your visits to our website as safe and secure as possible.

Additionally, we protect your PII and keep it confidential by securing it in networks which are only accessible by administrators with special access rights. We also encrypt all online transactions, credit card data and other sensitive information via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Additionally, we process all transactions through a gateway provider, not on our servers. Therefore, when you submit an order on our website or access your account online, you have the peace of mind knowing that your personal data is safe and secure.

Does your website use “cookies”?

No, we do not utilize cookies to track you online. To keep your data on all websites as safe as possible, you may wish to disable cookies in your online browser. Most browsers offer a Help menu to assist you with locating this feature. If you decide to disable all cookies, your site experience may not function optimally, and you will be unable to access specific features. However, disabling cookies will not affect your ability to submit an order online.

Do you sell my data to third parties?

No, we do not sell or transfer your PII to any outside agencies or third parties unless we provide you with advance notice that we intend to do so. This stipulation does not apply to our website hosting partners or any other entities which assist us in the daily operation of our website, in the conduct of our business or providing service to our users, as long as these parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of this information. We may release PII when asked to comply with law enforcement investigations, enforce the user policies of our website or to help safeguard individuals’ safety, property or rights.

We may provide non-personally identifiable site visitor information to third parties for use in advertising, marketing or for other purposes.

Do you provide links to third-party websites on your site?


No. At present, we do not offer services or products from third parties on our site.

How does your website interact with Google?

Our interaction with Google relates to Google’s Advertising Principles to offer optimal user experiences. Learn more by visiting Google Ads policies:

At Beehive Disaster Cleanup, we utilize Google’s AdSense Advertising on our site. Since Google is a third-party vendor, they may use cookies to provide ads on our website. Google’s DART cookie allows for optimized user experiences on our site by basing preferences on previous visits to our site or others. You may opt out of DART by accessing Google AD and Content Network privacy policies.

Our team implements the following:

  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting

We use first-party cookies (including Google Analytics cookies) as well as third-party cookies (including DoubleClick) to collect data concerning your interactions with ad impressions as well as additional ad services and functions related to the content on our website.

Opting out of this service:

Would you like to toggle your user preferences concerning how Google targets advertisements toward you? If so, access the Google Ad Settings page or opt out of this service when you visit the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out page. Finally, you may also opt out by utilizing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on.

What is the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)?

CalOPPA is a California state law which mandates that online services and commercial websites post a privacy policy online. This law is not only applicable for Californians but applies to any person or company in the U.S. (and the world) operating a website which collects PII from consumers in California. This law requires the website to include a conspicuously placed privacy policy statement listing the precise types of information they collect as well as a list of all companies and individuals receiving this information. Learn more by visiting California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA).

Under the laws of CalOPPA, Beehive Disaster Cleanup agrees to the following:

  • Users may access our site anonymously.
  • We display our privacy policy as a link from the home page on the first substantial page users view after entering our site.
  • We include the word “Privacy” on our Privacy Policy link.
  • We notify users of changes to our Privacy Policy on our Privacy Policy page
  • We allow users to change personal information over the phone, via email or by logging into your account.

How does your website deal with Do Not Track signals?

Beehive Disaster Cleanup honors:

  • Plant cookies
  • Do Not Track (DNT)
  • Use advertising

Does your website permit third-party behavioral tracking?

Yes. We permit third-party behavioral tracking at this time.

What is COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)?

COPPA places control of the protection of minor children, under the age of 13, with the parents. The Federal Trade Commission, as the U.S.’s consumer protection agency, enforces COPPA. This law details practices websites and other online services must comply with to protect the privacy and safety of children.

Our team does not market specifically to minor children under 13 years old.

What are Fair Information Practices?

Fair Information Practices principles comprise the foundation of privacy law in the U.S., and they play an integral role in the evolution of data protection laws. The Fair Information Practice principles protect personal information and necessitate that we adhere to the following timelines should a data breach occur:

  • Our team must notify you via email, via a phone call and an in-site notification within seven business days

Beehive Disaster Cleanup also complies with the Individual Redress Principles which dictates that individual users retain the right to enforceable legal rights and protection against any data collector or any process which fails to comply with the law. This principle also provides individuals with enforceable rights as well as legal recourse in a court of law or government agency for conducting an investigation or prosecuting any instances of non-compliance by data collection and processing entities.

What is the CANSPAM Act?

This act establishes rules of engagement for halting commercial emails and sets boundaries for solicitation messages and lists penalties for violations.

To ensure we are compliant with CANSPAM, Beehive Disaster Cleanup pledges to:

  • Refrain from using misleading email subjects or addresses
  • Inform users up front that a message is an advertisement
  • List the physical address of our office and headquarters
  • Comply with and honor opt-out and unsubscribe requests rapidly
  • Offer a link at the bottom of each email allowing users to unsubscribe

Do you collect email addresses?

Yes, we collect information related to email addresses to process online orders and provide updates to the status of orders.

How do I opt out or unsubscribe from future emails?

Simply follow the directions at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe, and our team will promptly remove your address from all of our distribution and correspondence lists.

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