Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Water, Fire, Sewage and Mold Damage

Customers across Utah trust our team at Beehive Disaster Cleanup repairs to residential and commercial properties. We stand by our clients through each phase of the process. Additionally, we are here to address all of your questions and concerns.

Beehive Disaster Cleanup is proud of our 20-year legacy of providing superior service to residential and commercial customers across the great state of Utah. Below you will find answers to some common questions we receive related to water, fire and mold remediation and repair services.


Will My Insurance Company Cover the Cost of Water, Mold, and Sewage Removal in My Home or Business?
Yes. Our team works hand-in-hand with customers to facilitate a smooth claim filing process with your insurance company. Our accounts manager will typically contact you within 24 hours of your loss to obtain the necessary details to help ensure we can submit a timely and accurate claim and establish your account. Beehive Disaster Cleanup professional estimators will then work directly with your insurance provider through each step of the process.
Does my insurance company cover your water removal services?
Insurance policies vary considerably. Often, they will cover circumstances such as a broken pipe or flooded toilet, but will not cover flooding caused by excessive rainfall without additional protection. Ultimately, you will need to check your policy or consult with a representative from your insurance company for a detailed answer.
How Can I Determine If My Home Has a Mold Problem?
Detecting mold growth in its early stages is essential to minimizing the damage it can cause. Typically, you will notice a discolored area in your home on a wall or ceiling, or you will see a slimy accumulation on a surface. If you notice any of these signs, please call our mold mitigation specialists as soon as possible.
How Can I Get the Smoke Odor Out of My Home?
If you experienced a fire in your home, even a small-scale fire, it is highly likely that you will continue to smell a smoky odor. This odor is tough to remove, but our team has over 40 years of experience extracting smoke odors and soot from your personal belongings. Give us a call today and learn how we can assist.
Do your antimicrobial agents and disinfectant solutions present any health risks to my pets or children?
We firmly believe in our responsibility for your health and the environment. For this reason, our team only uses safe, natural, eco-friendly products crafted exclusively from plant oils and minerals. These products are compliant with EPA standards and classified as a food-grade disinfectant. Therefore, your children and pets are at no risk of harmful exposure.
Approximately how long will my water-damaged home or business take to completely dry?
After you sustain water damage to your home or business, quick removal of water is essential. Our team can arrive onsite and start the removal process rapidly. However, the full job will typically take from three to five days to dry entirely. However, this time-frame depends heavily on a variety of factors. To achieve rapid drying, our technicians will routinely adjust our equipment at periodic intervals.
Can Water Damaged Electronic Equipment Be Repaired?
We strive to restore as many of your personal belongings as possible after disaster strikes. However, time is of the essence when dealing with electronics. If we can quickly access and initiate a clean and disinfection process on your equipment, we may be able to halt the corrosive process. Beehive Disaster Cleanup’s team can help save you and your insurance company money and get you back on your feet as rapidly as possible.
Is there any way I can assist your team with the cleanup and restoration process?
One of the most effective ways for our clients to expedite the restoration process is by ensuring our drying equipment is running in your home or business constantly. If you notice the equipment is off or not functioning properly, you must contact us immediately. Our friendly technicians also appreciate having readily available access to the property so we can minimize your downtime.
Can I safely remain onsite throughout the drying process?
In most cases, you can remain onsite unless your insurance company determines there is a risk to your health. Also, if you or a family member suffer from a chronic medical issue affecting your respiratory system, it is best to consult with a physician. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our team for advice.
How does your team check to ensure the drying process is working?
Beehive Disaster Cleanup’s certified mitigation technicians routinely monitor the moisture readings in your structure. We will work with you to schedule checks at convenient times to track these readings and adjust our equipment, as required, to ensure your structure dries rapidly.
What is that strange odor I smell in my water damaged structure?
After a flood occurs in your home or business, the bacteria which accumulate emit an odor from damaged building materials, moist furniture, old spills or even pet accident areas. In most cases, these odors subside as the humidity levels return to normal. Rest assured, though, that our team will combat the presence of bacteria by applying a safe, eco-friendly anti-microbial treatment to affected surfaces.
Should I be concerned about bacteria or mold growth in my water damaged structure?
Our rapid-response technicians specialize in quick water removal and advanced drying services. With our services, the likelihood that bacteria can accumulate and turn into mold is minor. If we discover existing mold growth, our team will contact a licensed environmental hygienist to conduct a thorough evaluation and recommend an optimal course of action to remedy the situation.
Will your team need to replace my water damaged flooring?
The answer will depend heavily on the type of flooring in your residence or commercial property as well as the extent of the water damage it experienced. Our ultimate goal is to salvage as much of your existing flooring as possible during the restoration process. Regardless of the circumstances, Beehive Disaster Cleanup’s professional estimators and adjusters will walk you through multiple options to determine which is most beneficial and cost-effective for your unique situation.
What types of equipment will you use to remove moisture from my home or business?
Beehive Disaster Cleanup will primarily use two types of equipment: ● 1. Air movers: These industrial-strength fans accelerate the water evaporation process by moving the moisture out of surfaces and into the air. Air movers also help circulate air to speed up the dehumidification process. ● 2. Dehumidifiers: With dehumidifiers, we strip moisture out of the air, turn it back into a liquid, and then remove it from your structure via a drain tube.
Why are your technicians unable to immediately remove my wet ceilings and walls?
Federal regulations dictate that we first test all drywall materials for the presence of asbestos before we can start the removal process. If your drywall tests positive for asbestos, our team will need to take extra precautions to prevent the spread of contamination during the removal process. Q: How does your company match a replacement carpet pad for my existing pad? A: Our damage mitigation team understands your concern and will take a small sample from an undamaged area to find an appropriate match.
Why should I hire a professional team to clean up fire damage in my property?
Our highly respected and experienced fire damage restoration team uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced damage mitigation techniques to help quickly restore your home or business. Never attempt to conduct damage repair or clean up after a fire on your own. You run the risk of significant injury due to the poor quality of the air as well as other health hazards. Trust the Beehive Disaster Cleanup team’s rapid reconstitution services to get you back on track with minimal downtime.
When the fire department extinguished a fire, they flooded several areas of my property. Is your team able to address both fire and water damage?
Beehive Disaster Cleanup serves as Utah’s one-stop-shop for flood, fire, mold, storm and sewage disaster mitigation needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians utilize the best equipment in the industry to quickly restore your commercial or residential property to its former self. Read through the “Meet Our Team” section of our website for additional information on the wide range of professional services we offer.
I recently had a fire in my home which left behind a strong smoke odor which I cannot remove. Can you help?
Residual soot leaves behind strong odors which linger for a long time. Fortunately, our skilled team of smoke odor removal specialists is standing by with advanced equipment and deodorizing processes for clients across Utah. Call us today so we can establish a plan to eliminate this troublesome odor from your property. We offer a 100% guarantee on odor removal services.
Can Beehive Disaster Cleanup help rebuild or repair my fire-damaged home?
We have over 25 years of experience conducting professional fire damage restoration jobs for clients across Utah. No other company possesses the knowledge, experience and equipment we bring to each project. We handle all manner of fire damage repair and restoration jobs from small kitchen fires to “total loss” of your property. Our certified team and skilled estimators are passionate about providing superior customer service and getting our clients’ lives back on track as fast as possible.
What exactly is mold and how does it spread?
Mold is a microscopic organism which thrives on breaking down decaying matter. As it grows and reproduces, it can spread rapidly via air or water. When you experience excessive moisture or flooding in your home, mold spores will form and multiply rapidly.
How can I determine if my home is susceptible to mold accumulation?
Nearly every home, under the right conditions, can play host to mold spores. If your home has excessive humidity or you experience flooding or a water leak which saturates drywall, tile or carpet, mold will form.
What are some telltale signs of the presence of mold in my home or business?
Typically, you will notice a discolored area on a ceiling, wall or carpet which may even have a furry or slimy appearance. Another common sign of mold is the presence of a stale, musty odor. Additionally, mold will often accumulate in your home in moist areas such as a shower curtain, A/C unit or under bathroom tiles. If you suspect you have mold in your home, call our team right away.
How can I determine if I am exposed to mold?
Some of the common physical symptoms which indicate mold exposure include headaches, sore throat, cough, trouble breathing, congestion and eye irritation. If you have a compromised immune system or have a respiratory condition, you are at extreme risk for health issues exacerbated by mold exposure.
Can you tell me about Toxic Black Mold Syndrome?
Toxic Black Mold Syndrome, or TBMS, is a serious medical condition brought on by prolonged mold exposure. Nearly 10 million individuals across the U.S. may be affected by TBMS at any given time. If you experience symptoms including muscular pain, headaches, cold or flu-like symptoms or cramps, please contact a medical professional immediately. Please also contact our team at Beehive Disaster Cleanup so we can conduct a thorough assessment of your home or business.
What is the process to remove mold from my property?
To remove mold, you will need the services of a certified and experienced technician. Our team at Beehive Disaster Cleanup specializes in rapid detection and mitigation of mold in both residential and commercial properties. We begin by locating the source of moisture in the home and meticulously clean the area with environmentally friendly, non-toxic antimicrobial disinfectants. Additionally, our team is trained to conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate and identify additional areas of mold accumulation. Mold often hides behind appliances, in corners, or under wallpaper.
Who is responsible for paying for mold removal services?
The ultimate responsibility lies with the property owner. However, we work closely with you throughout the entire insurance claim process. Within a day of our initial assessment, our accounts manager will contact you to walk through the full range of options at your disposal. We have over 40 years of experience working with insurance companies to ensure a smooth and successful claims process for our valued clients across Utah.

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