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Commercial Water And Flood Restoration

Water damage from pipe leaks, aging infrastructure, and natural disasters can all present obstacles for your business. You want to get your facility back up to speed as soon as possible with quality assurance. Beehive Disaster Cleanup can provide the best water and flood restoration for you commercial property as well as for your home. Don’t waste another moment worrying about water damage restoration; give us a call and see the difference we can make!


Emergency Service

Here at Beehive Disaster Cleanup we know that water damage accidents are never planned and can often come at inopportune times. So, for your convenience we offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us day or night to come address your water damage needs whether it stems from a flood, pike leaks, sprinkler systems, or any other problem. Our expert staff will be there to get the job done quickly and with lasting results - we guarantee it!

Trained and Certified Employees

Beehive Disaster Cleanup prides itself on offering comprehensive flood and water damage repairs. We are your leading service provider in the Salt Lake City area because we train each employee with our best practices that are proven to give consistent results. You can rest assured that only highly trained professionals will be sent to your home or office to perform the restoration services. This is something not every company can offer, which means you may get sub-par results. But, with Beehive Disaster Cleanup we guarantee that you will receive professional service from a trained team member.


Latest Technology and Equipment

Here at Beehive Disaster Cleanup we strive to offer the best service so that means constantly improving our techniques and employing the newest technologies. We first assess the damage, remove the water, sanitize, deodorize, and dry the affected areas. Our process includes:

Moisture detectors to find any hidden areas

Pumps to remove high levels of water

Deodorization products to remove odors associated with moisture

Sanitizing solutions to prevent bacteria growth and mildew

Quick-drying machinery to prevent warping and swelling of walls and floors

Dehumidifiers to ensure all leftover moisture is removed

By using the most effective products and processes, combined with years of experience and a well-trained staff, your water damage problems can be quickly eliminated.


Don’t let the hassle and stress of water damage change your day to day business. Stay ahead of your competition and have great peace of mind by calling Beehive Disaster Cleanup. We’ll show you the difference our experience and excellent customer service can make! Give us a call at 1-801-997-9930.

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